Hello, our services have been posted 31.3 in 2015 which we will implement 24 nice you can order them when you will be interested in the services that we offer. Of course, they must also meet the terms and conditions that you need to read before payment for our services that we provide.

1. What services are provided? You can read about at home.

2. How long will receive our services? about one to two working days

3. How much does our services? go to Home> Services Prize

4. How do I purchase services? Services available for purchase through a PayPal account other transactions are not yet available for payment. Payments will be made through PayPal Security Safe which includes exchange shop services. Will be provided by change item you send us money I will make out a service of interest to you within 1-2 working days

5. How do you order our service which began to form or be in the process of creation and suddenly changed his mind is no longer possible to takes back so that your money will not return.

6. If you request a service, and I have no interest in it you have to a maximum of 1 hour cancel the service by contacting us at the email which you can find at Home> Company Contact us to e-mail you have to write about what service they were and why you no longer interested in it and I make a recovery and you can ask for money including but not more than 1 hour after purchase service.

7. How long will the development of services?
– 1. if it will be the installation server so it can also be made up to 2 hours depending on the needs of the buyer.
– 2 if it will be the Server Configuration Files, and so it can be made as necessary adjustments but up to 2 working days.
– 3. if it will be the Game Client and Configuration and Texture a logo so it can be made as necessary adjustments but up to 2 working days.

8. When creating customized services buyer will have to submit a plan on what services exactly is that we were able to create services’ ideas