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Here you can see how textures and logo design and offer our services to your game server

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Installation Server

We offer you a full install server & SQL server to run a server which will be completely ready to start your game server and other server what are u need. More info u can read in the link.

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Server Files Scripting / Client Scripting & Installation

1. This workbench gives you the opportunity to purchase from us by editing the files to our server or your server files you've already made. 2. This offer gives you the opportunity to request for service to the Edit Client and Configuring client to your game server that will work without errors.

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Tales Of Pirates Services

We offer fully equipped to run the tales of pirates server also modify your game client and even lends even edit images and textures in your game client so if you liked our services you can use them right away

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Hello, we offer you familiarize yourself about our services simply and easily if you are interested in any service that we offer, click on the check it now and you will be automatically redirected to the service of your choice and you can read more about it.